Wednesday, June 23, 2010

answered prayer.

For a long time here in the Dominican Republic there has been the dream of having a community of believers in the city of Rio San Juan. We have been praying about this for a very long time, and this summer we have specifically been focusing on that. We have asked all the groups to pray that the Holy Spirit come and take reign over the city. We spend one full morning with the going to a hill to look over Rio San Juan and talk about our dreams and pray that the Holy Spirit covers them.

Though our whole team is focusing on Rio San Juan, we have two couples that work directly with this dream. Evan and Rachel Aldridge work with the children and the teens. This program was started a while back and has had others work with it before including: Kayla Sparks, TJ and Holly McCloud, and Kyle and Vicki Graham. Evan and Rachel are doing great things with those kids and in a very short period of time have really made some great relationships that I know will turn into soldiers for Christ.

Our other couple working in Rio San Juan is Ronald and Rosibet Mena. They are our new Costa Rican addition, and I might add are pretty amazing people. I knew they were pretty amazing on their survey trip and we have been so blessed to have them here. They have been specifically working with the adults in Rio San Juan and trying to find those people that the Spirit is leading us to.

This coming Sunday the first church service will be held in Rio San Juan. That is truly an answered prayer. We are so excited and a little nervous but know that the Spirit is going to be in control and bring the people to us that are ready to turn their lives over to the one and only God.

Thank you for your prayers and continue to pray for us and specifically that the Holy Spirit flows down on the people of Rio San Juan.

Dear God.

We are truly amazed at the things you do everyday. This community of believers in Rio San Juan is something that we have desired for a very long time and we are in awe of you that once we finally commit to prayer your will we can see it happen. We trust that you are with us and that you will reign in on that service on Sunday. We love you everyday.