Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Little Piece of an Old Home

As we have groups come in here it is always a great surprise to get little reminders of things of the past that you love so much.

Cloverdale church of Christ is here right now. They are from Searcy, Arkansas. This is the third time that they have been here while I was here and it is so nice to see some familiar faces of people that have been here in the past. I also saw a familiar face come thru the airport. Jeremy Daggett was a friend and classmate in college at Harding and he is here right now with the group from Cloverdale. We were both Spanish majors at Harding and had quite a few classes together, so it has been nice to see him. And the little things too have been nice as good reminders of my time in Searcy. Just the way they sing songs and things like that and seeing some familiar faces and some small connections to people that I know and love and miss has been great. One girl from the group is actually in chorus at Harding Academy where one of my great friends is working, Elizabeth Harrell.

This group has been a huge encouragement and a great small reminder of a place I love and miss a lot.


Thank you for the small reminders of things we love. Thank you for bringing great people into our lives and always looking out for us. I love you every day.

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Unique Experience.

This past week when the group from Indiana was here we had a very unique and blessed experience.

Brian and Tammie Wallace brought over themselves and the interns from Haiti this summer during their mid-summer break.

Brad and Monica Guatney flew into the Dominican and stayed here for a few days before going to Haiti.

Brian is the president of Manna Global Ministries (MGM) and is a part of the board of directors along with Brad and Norm, who is the director of Manna Dominican Republic.

Monica Gautney and Laura Beth Lamb are the administrative directors of MGM. Laura Beth was here with her church from Indiana.

I do not know how many times if ever that many people from this organization have been together. We did very much miss Tom Martin. It was a crazy few days with lots of people here at one time but extremely rewarding in the sense of having so many people here that have made so much possible in our organization.


thank you for an amazing opportunity. I am so thankful for the time with so many people I love. I really believe we had some of the most amazing people in the world here and I was blessed to be in their presence.

Continue to be with us in our summer program and give an extra measure of peace to all those that are in Haiti.

I love you everyday.