Sunday, November 14, 2010

A special Lord's Day

I am sure that today God and his angels were looking down on the Dominican Republic and smiling.

Porfi and Carla were talking just last night about ways to more more intensely talk to the children in the Children's Home of a serious commitment with God. We are doing a lot of things with them which include studying the Bible, trying to speak the Word not only with our words but by our actions in everything that we do, just spending a lot of time with them. But, last night Porfi and Carla were talking about ways to go even deeper with them.

This morning after church we got a surprise that, with so much joy, changed our plans for the day. Wilson came to us and asked when he could be baptized.

Porfi, Wilson and I started talking, and he was ready. We talked about the story of the Ethiopian who Philip studied with. We talked about what baptism means for him and his life. After a few hours of talking and studying about it, we asked the same question that the Ethiopian asked himself “What is stopping you?”. He said nothing. We took him to the river after lunch and Wilson became a part of the body of Jesus Christ.

It was so exciting and I say it again: I know for sure God was looking down on Wilson today and smiling brightly. For a while now we have all noticed something different in Wilson. Since he became the oldest boy in the Children’s Home he has taken on that responsibility and done amazing. He helps around the Children’s Home and sets a great example for the rest of the young boys around him.

After we got back from the river, we all got together and celebrated. We had cake, cokes, we watched a movie, played games, and just had a great time all together. It was truly a day to celebrate what God is doing in the life of Wilson and in the Children’s Home.

We are all so proud and could not have been more excited to spend the day celebrating with Wison.


Thank you for being our Lord and Savior. We are so excited that Wilson has now taken you on as his Savior and Lord.

Bless him. Be with him. Give him strength as he sets out on his journey and walk with you. Help us to be there for him and help him as he is starting a new life.

I love you everyday!

Monday, November 8, 2010

fun with the boys

I love the boys in the Children’s Home and I love getting to spend a lot of time with them. This past SaturdayI got to do just that. We played, we ate, and got hair cuts (not me but them) and just had a lot of fun.

I took the computer over there so that they could take some pictures. They went crazy. They love getting their picture taken. So I have put a few on here.


Thank you for Wilson, Randy, Ariel, Adolfo, Lisandro, and Cristo Daniel. I am just so privileged to be able to spend time with them and be with them. I pray that we are doing exa

ctly what you want for us having these kids here. I pray that Marta, their house mother continues to love on them and give them they

home that they need. Give us strength in raising these boys.

I Love you everyday.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


We have a new boy in the Children's Home. His name is Lisandro. Like a lot of Dominicans he also has a nickname that he goes by too, which is Hedwin, but he likes to be called Lisandro. He comes from Gasper Hernandez. He is a precious five year old boy who arrived at the Children's Home on Wednesday. He has no father and no one to properly take care of him so he was brought to the Children's Home for us to take care of him.
What an amazing opportunity for us to take in a child and care for him and give him a home. I pray that we are exactly what Lisandro needs right now and I pray that we take care of him with love and wisdom. I pray for Lisando. When I got home Wednesday night I could not help but think how traumatic of a day he was having. He is going through something I can not even imagine. Thank you for this opportunity and give us the strength to take advantage of it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hello everyone.
I just wanted to post something very short and ask for your prayers. Tomas is headed toward the Hispaniola island, specifically towards Haiti. I honestly do not know why Haiti gets the worst of things when the Dominican Republic sits right here beside Haiti and gets just a few outside symptoms of what happens to Haiti. We are expected to get a lot of rain here on the east side of the island. Pray for us here but please pray that God keep those Haitian people safe.
Protect the Haitians from this storm. I selfishly just wish you would turn that storm around and let it disappear into the sea, but I have to believe that you will let you will be done. Keep us safe.
I Love you everyday!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

you are special.

Another Saturday and another invite to a Dominican’s home.

This summer I met a lady who is a super special person. Her name is Ana and we had two groups go to visit her for community day this summer. She owner of our secretary, Nubia’s house. But she is more than just her land-lord, she is like a mother to her. She has just recently moved out into the countryside with one of her daughters.

Nubia told me that Ana had invited me to come over at some point, so we went on Saturday.

Saturday before we left I observed a very special encounter between Nubia, our secretary, and one of the street boys from Rio San Juan. His name is Jordan and he has been a part of our ministry for a while. He comes and goes. He has had a tough life and Nubia has been a big encouragement to him. She helps him with his homework, she makes sure that is coming the the events that he can. She is always trying to get him more involved. As she was talking to him she said to him “Eres especial” or “You are special”. I do not know what that meant to that boy right then in that moment, but I know that he needs someone to tell him that he is special. The special thing about it is that this occasion is not the first time I have heard Nubia say these exact words.

There are phrases that stick out in my mind for people that have been inspirational to me, and I know that this one I will not soon forget.

I remember my senior year of high school my English teacher, Laura Lynn Roland would always say as we left class “Have a blessed day”.

After every Spring Sing practice our director, Dottie Frye, would always say “Know that you are loved”

Nubia is a special lady and the special thing about her is that she can see just how special we all are, and she reminds us of that.


Thank you Nubia and the reminder that we are all made special, made by you and in your own image. Help me and all of us to remember how special we are. Thank you for the Holy Spirit and the speciality that it brings to us as Christians. Thank you for the special responsibility you have given to us and how special it is that we do not have to be perfect because you fill in where we mess up.

Give us the confidence to know that we are special and the strength to keep fighting for you.

I love you everyday!