Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Group Pic

Here is our first group pic of all of our students.
I am so proud of all of them. Please continue to pray for Ibelca, Estefany, Jailinne, Renecito, Elisa, Yefri, Nataniel, Carlitos, Bebo, Graisy, Cristopher, Keren, Carlos, Ariel, Leandro, Anderson, Elio, Angel, Rosmery, Wilson and Ranger.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 1

Manna Christian School is now a reality.

Its sounds crazy to me to even say that but after a few days of school I have to realize that it is true.

On day one when our kids arrived they had a reaction I believe that

no one expected. They were excited but usually when our kids are excited it is hard to get them under control. Along with their excitement they almost looked scared or confused. They were so tranquil it was hard even getting some of them to talk (that did not last long but we had a few hours of peace). We are all entering into new roles as we start this school and we are all trying to get used to it.

Classes are going great. Our students are learning lots of English. They are seeing a new kind of education that is not just copying words from one page to another. Things are going amazing.

I can not thank all of you for what you have all done for us. Thank you all for the prayers. We have had so many encouraging words sent this way for our school and we are all so thankful.

I joked about only having a few hours of peace but I do feel a sens

e of peace among all of us. This just seems right for right now. And for that no obnoxious student, no unexpected challenge that comes up, nor any hard days can get in the way of the endless peace that God provides. No, we do not feel one hundred percent at peace all of the time, but we

do know that this project is protected and covered by the Holy Spirit and that is a peace that passes all earthly understanding.

Much love from the Dominican Republic,