Saturday, January 30, 2010

A long time

A Long Time
It has been a while since I have blogged and I am very sorry. It has been very busy here since I have gotten back. I also do not have internet in my house so it is a little harder to get access.
The earthquake in Haiti has also made everything more hectic.
But in the midst of all of this stuff and craziness and how busy it has been there is no where else that I would ever be than right here in the Dominican Republic.
Again, sorry it has been a while, but there are a few new entries now.
“God thank you for your love. I love you everyday.”

Hace mucho
Tengo mucho desde que he escrito en el blog y lo siento mucho. Ha estado muy ocupado aqui desde que regresé. También estoy sin internet en la casa y por eso es más dificil tener aceso al internet.
El terremoto in Haití ha puesto a todo más agitado.
Pero en el medio de todo no hay otro lugar en donde quiero estar.
Otra vez, lo siento, pero ahora hay unas nuevas entradas.
“Dios, gracias por su amor. Te amo todos los días.”

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  1. Can't imagine the tiredness of both body and soul that you, Norm, Brian, Brad, and others are feeling. Glad you are back at home and hope that you will follow one of your mentors (Brian) and take a few days to relax and rebuild your strenght for coming days! We love you!
    Tommy and Jill