Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This past weekend we, as a Manna team, went on a retreat. It was a time to remind us of our mission here and to refocus.
I am personally extremely grateful to all of the people that were able to be on that retreat. It was a time of encouragement for me. I miss being able to sing in a large group. I miss those deep discussions with people with years of wisdom. And this weekend was a great recharge because of those things.
Along with the team that is here in the Dominican full time we were joined by most of our Manna DR team that is based in the United States.
We had our advisory board here which includes:
Tommy and Jill Reese
Chris and Angela Lowe
Cassey Gibson. Mark, we missed you a lot but are excited to see you with the Magi group.

We also had our communications director with us.
Doug Hurst, who acted as our MC for the weekend.

As we started on Friday we had two goals set out in front of us:
1. Get focused.
2. Get encouraged.

Each ministry within the DR had a chance to let everyone know what is going on in that ministry, talk about the future andwhere they believe that God is leading that ministry, and ask questions to get the wisdom of our advisory board.

It was an amazing time and we all left having accomplished those two goals.

1. Get focused- We must keep everything that we do focused on the ultimate mission of turning people to Christ. Everything we do has everything to do with that. Discipling is our mission and it must flow into everything that we do.
2. Get encouraged- We spent a lot of time reading from the Word, listening to the Word that God put on our hearts, singing together, and praying with and for each other.

I want to extend a special thanks to everyone that was a part of a very encouraging weekend. Thank you for helping us get focused and encouraging us with your prayers, wisdom, and presence.

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