Monday, September 20, 2010

Times of Peace.

Yesterday I was walking to my house from the Children’s Home and a sense of peace swept over me.

I do not get this kind of peace everyday here. Some days it is very hard just to be here and it is those times of peace that really get me by.

It came upon me for no reason. Nothing, to my knowledge, happened yesterday that was spectacular. It was just God giving me a peace that totally surpassed my understanding. In that moment I was at total peace with calling this place home. I was at total peace with what I am trying to do here. I was at total peace with was we as a team are trying to do here. I was at total peace with being in a house all by myself. I was at total peace with not knowing what challenges tomorrow will hold. I was at total peace with all the things that had been on my mind and worrying me all day.

I am so thankful for that moment but Satan does not let them last very long. By the time I got to my house Satan got in the way and I had a hard time just getting to sleep and settling down from a lack of peace. Those times are more numerous than the others, but I am so thankful for that brief moment of total peace.


Thank you for that beautiful moment. It was glorious just to live in it for a few minutes. But even more than that I am thankful that you faithfully stuck by my side when that time came and I had no peace but you were letting me know that it was all just a lie from Satan trying to rob me of the peace I just felt from you. Yes, it was still hard to get over but you let me know it was a lie and help me thru it, as always.

I am so thankful God that I am here. I am at peace with that. Thankful for being my God and being the one that gives me that peace when it makes not sense why it would come at that moment.

I know you are always trying to let me have that peace but I get so busy, I can not see it. I love you everyday!

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