Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I had a great weekend this past weekend. I am so blessed just to be here at this point in my life. I have been here almost a year now and one of the major things I have learned is that I need lots of advice. I need those people in my life who I can share what I am going thru with and those people who are always in prayers for us.

We have formed an advisory board for our ministry that consists of four people. Two of them are people that I have known for a very long time: Tommy and Jill Reese. The other two are people who I have met thru the ministry here: Mark and Casey Gibson.

Our advisory board was here this past weekend, all except Mark. This is the second time we have had our advisory board here with us and both times have been amazing.

This time we focused on our ministry and how we are to continue trying to integrate every aspect of our ministry into making disciples for Jesus Christ.

It truly was a weekend to focus on the ministry here and the plans that God has for us in the future, both near and far.

To Tommy: Thank you for the joy that you bring to everyone’s life here in the Dominican Republic. Thank you for the disciple that you are of Jesus Christ and the discipler that you are to so many and the example that that is to me.

To Jill: Thank you for the example that you are and always have been to me. Thank you for being the prayer warrior that I know you are. Thank you for the logistical planning and talents that you have and how much that helps out here making things run smoothly.

To Mark: We missed you here. I pray that your trip went well. I am excited about the next time that we can all be together. We missed your wisdom here.

To Casey: Thank you for being here. You bring so much to our team but most of all your peaceful spirit. Thank you for being a comfort and a friend to all of us here.

To all of you: Every time I left the Cube to come home, or the times I stayed over at the Cube, I just had to rejoice to God of how blessed I am that all of you were here. Thank you all for opening yourselves to the Spirit of God to be able to share it with us.

Dear God,

Thank you so much for Tommy, Jill, Mark, and Casey. They are amazing people who I love so much. Thank you for the Spirit they bring to this place. Thank you for an amazing weekend and the encouragement it brought to me.

Be with us as we plan for the future. Help us not to let our plans get in the way but to listen to you and let you be in control of everything that happens here.

I love you everyday!

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