Wednesday, September 1, 2010

bobita is being vacated.

Since Ronald & Rosi and Evan & Rachel have joined our team we have all been out here together in the countryside town of Bobita. This came with purpose. We wanted everyone to be together so that we could build our team and family with a sense of unity before we all split up. That mission, I feel like, was accomplished. We are all really close and it has been really nice to have everyone together. But the time has come for us to move on.

Yesterday Ronald and Rosi moved to Rio San Juan. Rio San Juan is where their main focus is, and have already done amazing things with the people there. They knew coming in that eventually they would need to move and they have now found an apartment for themselves. We all helped them move into town yesterday in the Daihatsu. We will miss them being around here in Bobita, but we know for sure how much this will help them in their ministry.

Then yesterday after we finished up their moving process, Evan and Rachel finalized their moving plans to Rio San Juan. Their ministry focus is also Rio San Juan and this is the best thing for them too. They will be going this weekend. Again, we will miss having them around here but we know this is the best thing for them.

Both of these families will be so blessed to be there so close now to their ministry.

Pray for both of them as they make that transition into a new home and town.

Pray for us as a team that we continue to be in good communication and continue to spend time together and be there for each other whenever we need it. This will be much more of a challenge now, but I think we are up to it.


Bless Ronald, Rosi, Kevin, Evan, and Rachel as they move into Rio San Juan. We have so much enjoyed having them out here in Bobita, but also know that this is what they need for their ministry. Continue to pour out blessings on them as they continue to do your work in Rio San Juan and be with them as new challenges come their way.

I love you everyday.

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