Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sleep over

This past weekend was dedicated to the young kids of Rio San Juan.

Saturday morning the Princesas came out to Bobita and did a work project helping out the Children’s home. Then in the afternoon four of the Pescadores boys came out and spent the rest of the day in Bobita and stayed until Sunday morning.

These boys are exceptional kids and have shown an interest in God and what we are doing with them. I have told them I wanted to have them out to Bobita for a sleep over for a while and I finally found the perfect weekend.
I went into town on Saturday picked them up and headed out to Bobita. Evan and I spent the rest of the day with them and it was AWESOME. We went to the river. We played volleyball. We played basketball. We had dinner at the boys house in the Children’s Home. We played games at the house. We stayed up late trying to control these boys as they went crazy at night. We finally went to sleep. We got up the next morning and met with the church in Rio San Juan.

The boys that came were Angel, Bebo, Antony, and Anderson. These are special boys who mean so much to us and in whom we see so much potential.

Please keep them in your prayers.


Thank you for an awesome weekend. I loved having those boys over to the house. I pray that not only was it a fun experience for them but that it was a time that we could get to know them better and on an even deeper level. I pray for Angel, Bebo, Antony and Anderson. These boys have beautiful souls and a potential that runs very deep.

I love you everyday.

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