Saturday, November 6, 2010


We have a new boy in the Children's Home. His name is Lisandro. Like a lot of Dominicans he also has a nickname that he goes by too, which is Hedwin, but he likes to be called Lisandro. He comes from Gasper Hernandez. He is a precious five year old boy who arrived at the Children's Home on Wednesday. He has no father and no one to properly take care of him so he was brought to the Children's Home for us to take care of him.
What an amazing opportunity for us to take in a child and care for him and give him a home. I pray that we are exactly what Lisandro needs right now and I pray that we take care of him with love and wisdom. I pray for Lisando. When I got home Wednesday night I could not help but think how traumatic of a day he was having. He is going through something I can not even imagine. Thank you for this opportunity and give us the strength to take advantage of it.

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