Monday, November 8, 2010

fun with the boys

I love the boys in the Children’s Home and I love getting to spend a lot of time with them. This past SaturdayI got to do just that. We played, we ate, and got hair cuts (not me but them) and just had a lot of fun.

I took the computer over there so that they could take some pictures. They went crazy. They love getting their picture taken. So I have put a few on here.


Thank you for Wilson, Randy, Ariel, Adolfo, Lisandro, and Cristo Daniel. I am just so privileged to be able to spend time with them and be with them. I pray that we are doing exa

ctly what you want for us having these kids here. I pray that Marta, their house mother continues to love on them and give them they

home that they need. Give us strength in raising these boys.

I Love you everyday.

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