Monday, August 1, 2011

As Summer Ends

As Summer Ends

Summer 2011 is coming to an end here with Manna DR. We are finishing up our last group and our interns will soon be leaving us. We have been extremely blessed this summer in so any ways. I, as the group leader, want to let you know some of those blessings.
8 amazing groups. Each one of them, in their own way, were a huge blessing to some or many aspects of our ministry.
Great groups leaders. Every one of them came prepared and were flexible with us. They challenged us in many ways and that will have as big of an impact here as anything.
Jeff Reese. As our lead intern this summer he did an amazing job. I can truly say that there were a few weeks there at the beginning of the summer that I am not sure what I would have done without Jeff. Even since that time Jeff has taken on a ton of responsibilities and jobs that have allowed me and the rest of the team to do things to get ready for our big project kick off coming up.
6 interns. Alex, Allie, Luke, Nikki, Sarah, and Savannah. From the beginning these guys took their responsibilities and ran with them with little supervision. They have been there for the eight groups and really gotten close the the Dominicans that we know and love.
Our team. As of just a few weeks ago we are all finally here. We are super excited about the possibilities of this year and I am grateful for their support and patience with me this summer.

This might have been a predictable thing to blog about but I am truly thankful for this summer. As summer ends this year there is one difference for me.
As last summer was winding down I was unsure of many things about how the next year would go. I did not doubt that God would reveal those things to me but I was unsure of what exactly that would be. God did come through and because of that I am not anxious about this year due to uncertainty of what I will do.
I am, as I believe a lot of us are, anxious about how this school year will go and for that I ask for many prayers.
As this summer ends we enter into a new stage of our ministry. No, we could not have gotten here without the many stages before but it is scary none the less. We need prayers and patience as we try to disciple the twenty kids coming into our Discipling Program.
This summer was a huge step in the kick off of our Discipling Program. Much thanks to all who participated in it and I ask for your continued prayers. I am excited for each of you to return to see how God continues to bless and grow these kids.

Much love,
chad mynatt

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