Monday, August 1, 2011

A Growing Experience

At this point many of you have heard about it but we had a break in here at camp a few weeks ago. No one was hurt and everyone is totally okay, so do not worry. It came at a time that we, as a team, were really starting to see growth in the lives of our disciples. Of course, that is a perfect time for Satan to attack. And, he did. Things were taken, but we kept having to remind ourselves that things are things, whether we can physically replace them or not.

It would have been very easy to let this experience take someone out, to let them say to themselves that this is too hard. Yes, break ins happen in the United States but why does it have to happen here too and make everything so much harder? I do not pretend to have all the answers to that for every person that wonders is but I can tell you that some great things came out of it for me.

I got to see just how supported I am. So many people came through for me in so many ways. From my family back in the States, to our team of missionaries here, to Nubia, our awesome secretary, to Carlos, one of my boys I work closely with here. All of those people were huge encouragements to me and God provided ways for amazing conversations and new levels of Spirituality to happen among all of those people.

In some ways I hate that the break in happened but in some ways it has given me a new motivation and new vision for the kind of relationship I can have with the people around me.

Thank you for all of your prayers during this attack from Satan. I love you all.

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