Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dinner and A Movie

Our team is growing here. And as we do we always have to remind ourselves that we are a family and a team on the same mission together.

I have to admit. A lot of times we forget to say “thank you” to each other. A lot of times we forget to say “ I love you”. We get busy and forget that we have a team to take care of.

I am the worst at this, and I will be the first to tell you. I get focused on something and it might even be a great thing but I forget so much to take time for our team. When I do, I remember why it is so important.

This last week Jill and I took the Córdobas to Santiago to see the movies. We went with the plan of seeing Harry Potter but Abi and Dani had other plans. So Jill and I took Abi and Dani to see “Los Pitufos” (The Smurfs) in 3D while Porfi and Carla went to see Harry Potter.

We had a terrific time at the movies, at McDonalds, and just being together for a while. Time spent with each other. I remember a blog that Rich and Audrey wrote while they lived here called “Time Well Spent”. It was about them spending time with the Córdobas, getting away from “work” and spending some ti

me just went the team. At the time, I will admit I did not understand what all was meant behind that blog, now I do.

I love the Córdobas. I love everyone on this team. And it truly is time well spent when we spend time together.

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