Saturday, May 22, 2010


I am not really sure what that word “home” means any more. I have always been from “5713 Browntown Road Chattanooga, Tennessee 37415”. I have had that memorized for as long as I can remember, and for a long time that was “home”. When I went to college at Harding University that sort of became “home”, but even when I returned to Chattanooga for a holiday or just for a long weekend I would say that I was going “home”. But it was that time in school that the term “home” began to change and take on a different meaning. And now that I live in the Dominican Republic it has taken on a whole new meaning yet again.

For my whole life this meaning of home has been thrown at me.

We had this thing in my house that I think my mom made that said “Home is where is heart is”.

I remember the hymn that says “This world is not my home, I am just a passin’ thru...” and along those same lines but a different song sings, “I am a poor wayfaring stranger just traveling thru this world of woe...I am going there...I am only going over home.”

My home now is in the Dominican Republic and that is where I feel at home because that is where my heart is. Though I am so thankful for all the friends and family that welcome me back to what was once my home and make the United States at homey as possible when I come to visit.

And even though I say that Bobita is now my home I realize that I am just passing thru this place called earth waiting to go home and no longer have to wander around here as a stranger.

Guide me here and help me to remember that I am just a stranger. Help me to stop looking for home here and realize that home will be the reward at the very end. Help me to keep that quote from my mom in the front of my mind “home is where the heart is” and to always have my heart and mind focused on Jesus and the home he has created for me and for every child of yours. I love you everyday.

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