Sunday, May 16, 2010

a whirlwind

It has been a while since I have written on this blog and I am sorry. It has been a month filled with many events and emotions.

Just thirteen days after my grandmother, Inez Mynatt, was diagnosed with cancer she died. I made an unexpected trip back to the United States to be with my family. Thank you all for your prayers for our family during that time. The day I found out I was in my house cooking and Norm came to me with the phone stretched out and I immediately knew what had happened. After talking to my mother the first person to come to my comfort was Antonio. I got so many encouraging words from so many people.

To the Manna team: thank you so much for being there for me during that time, and letting me get back to the states and be with my family.

To my Dominican family: thank you so much for your comfort and kind words. To my friend, Overlin, I know you might never read this but you told me you were praying for me and I melted. For an eleven year old boy to tell me that really pulled at my heart strings.

While in the States I did get to make a trip to Searcy, Arkansas and Harding University. It was a terrific day. I got to spend time with so many people who I love and miss.

To all of my Searcy/Harding friends: thank you for your time that weekend. I am sorry I did not get to see all of you and I wish I could have. I love you and miss you all.

When I got back home there were many things in front of me before my next planned trip out.

Two families arrived to join our team.

The first was Evan and Rachel Aldridge. The arrived on a Sunday afternoon and the next Tuesday Ronald, Rosi, and Kevin arrived. We have spent a lot of time together, eating together and getting to know each other and it has been incredible how we have come together as a team. Evan has said that the first time we ate together it was incredible how it seemed like we had all known each other for a long time. We are quit the mixture of people, but that is how amazing God works. He pulls people from different parts of the world, some from the United States, some from Costa Rica and tells them to work together. It is also incredible how God pulls people together who have grown up together but never knew they would work together in a different country. God truly is amazing and it is going to be amazing to see how God works in this team.

To Evan, Rachel, Ronald, Rosi, and Kevin: I am so excited that you guys are here. I am excited to see how God uses us to be a team and to bring the Spirit into this place. I love you guys.

After those two families joined us, one other family’s time ended with us. Kyle and Vicki Graham left to return back to the United States. They truly are amazing people and did amazing things in this ministry. They touched the lives of so many children in Rio San Juan, and even if they do not get to see all the results of the things they did, we will have the privilege to see some of them through our continued efforts in Rio San Juan.

To Kyle and Vicki: I love you guys a lot and will miss you. Your love for children and each other is incredible. I hope you know how much you mean to me and how much I cherish our time together and the advice you gave me. You will truly be missed.

Before I left again our team went on a retreat, of which I will have a separate entry for. But after the retreat, I returned to the United States. This trip, unlike the last one, was planned. I returned for the wedding of my brother, Trent and his now wife, Micah. The wedding was beautiful and a great celebration of the union of two great people. There was so much happiness surrounding the whole ceremony, even though the majority of the wedding party was crying.

To Trent and Micah: I am so happy for you guys. You are both very special people and are going to be a great family. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.

Now as I return home very shortly I am so excited to be home but am grateful for the time I have been able to spend with special people in my life. But as I do return home I am going back to the battlefield, where I am going to be making some big choices here in the next few short days and weeks to come. I ask for you prayers in making some big choices, even if i can not express right now what they are.

Thank you again for your support, encouragement, and prayers. They are needed and are accepted with open arms and an open heart. And thank your for sticking with me when I have not given you updates in so long and seeing me thru a whirlwind of events and emotions.


You truly are amazing. Amazing to give me friends and family that love and support me even when I fail to keep them informed of what is going on in my life. Thank you for an amazing family and team to support me when I seem to be always be on the move, whether it be within the country and out. They truly are amazing people. Thank you for the life Grandma lived. Thank you for the life Trent and Micah are starting together. I look forward to the day where I can hug Grandma again and I ask your prayers upon my brother’s marriage. I am thankful for our team for the ones who have left their final mark but whose mark will continue to make a difference long after they have gone, and for the ones, who like me, have just begun to attempt to make a mark in the Dominican Republic. I am thankful for the One who allows us to make a mark and be a part of the huge handprint that is the body of Jesus. I love you everyday.

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