Thursday, May 27, 2010


This Tuesday four of our interns arrived for the summer: Audrey, Carter, Jill, and Nikki. We spent some time together Tuesday night but they were pretty tired and off to bed right after dinner. Wednesday was a day of cleaning, and that we did. The dorms were cleaned before lunch. After lunch we had a pretty nasty task to do: cleaning the cistern at camp. Water here is precious and it is not always easily available. We are blessed enough to have a water pump. It uses solar energy to turn on the pump to give us water. When we have filled up the tank the overflow water gets pumped into the cistern so that when we have a few days with no sun we have reserve water. The cistern was very dirty so we cleaned it out. We all got in there and got our hands dirty but we are so grateful that got done. Today, Thursday, we all headed to Puerto Plata. We had lunch there and did some shopping then picked up Glenn, another intern. We headed back to camp for dinner and some quality time together.

It has been some incredible days here with the interns. We are so blessed and expecting a terrific summer. God has blessed us with these guys and two more who will be joining us later.

Keep them in your prayers this summer as they take on a lot of responsibility and are working very hard. Please, even more so to keep them in your prayers as they use this summer to grow spiritually in their relationship with God. It gets hard when things get so busy to keep your focus on growing spiritually. We all need that prayer.

Luckson and Jordan will be joining us later to keep adding to our amazing team.

Oh, and I know this is random and unrelated but best of luck to the Boyd-Buchanan soccer and baseball teams on Friday, who will both be playing for state championships.

Lord, thank you so much for these guys. They are awesome and are going to be awesome. I know that my summers here as an intern truly changed my life and I pray that it can do the same for them. Help us all as we get really busy here really fast to keep our focus on you and to see you in everything we do and do invite you into every interaction, every step, and every breath that we take. I am just so grateful for the opportunity to be the best I can be. I love you every day.

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