Monday, August 9, 2010

a week of prayer

Summer groups have ended and they were absolutely amazing. We are so thankful for how well the groups went and how much peace they brought us. Now as the groups are over we have come to a point of some critical decisions.

The big decision we are trying to come to is a discipling program. We have some amazing people here right now. And just for me to go on a tangent I am so grateful for Norm, Evan, Rachel, Ronald, Rosi, Porfi, and Carla. I love them all so much and could not be more excited about the team that we have here and even possibly the team that is to come.

Because of these amazing people that we have here we are looking for a deeper way to connect with the people here of the Dominican Republic. All the things that are going on here are amazing but we need a structured way of going deep with these people and spending more time with them in an exponential way. This discipling program would include so many things. It would pull all of the things that we already have here together: the children’s home, the children’s ministry in Rio San Juan, the adult evangelism in Rio San Juan, the group ministry, and we are looking at even adding more as a way to pull all of those ministries together.

We have talked about all of this for a long time now but have never come to a formal decision. In some ways we know what the decision will be but we are waiting on God to show us exactly what he wants from us. We have decided to take a week to think about the whole decision and not talk to each other about it, only to God. We have all been in prayer for a long time about this but this week is devoted to God and asking that he bring to us the decision that he wants us to make. Our other ministries will definitely go on but we will also be spending a lot of individual time in prayer about this decision.

Pray for us as we go thru this week. We are not promising that we will have a decision after a week, because we are trying to listen to God and if the time is not right after a week, we are okay with that. We also do not want to put a time limit on God. We are not giving him a week and then forcing a decision. This week is simply a week for us to devote ourselves in prayer to God with no human opinion involved.

Dear God,

This starts my week long prayer to you about our discipling program. I do not know what is going to happen in a week or what decision will be made but we just want you in the middle of everything. We know and realize that we can not do this without you and that you are the central and every focus of this program. Give us peace and guidance. Help me to block out every distraction from the world and from Satan and only focus and trust in you.

I love you everyday.

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