Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a good friend 2

Candido Canario, better known to us and to people from the States as Osvaldo, has left us. He has been married for some time now to Kayla Sparks and they have been trying very hard to get him a visa to get to the United States. After many months and years of trying, it finally happened.
What a blessing that they will finally be able to be together as a married couple, but we will definitely miss having Osvaldo around here.
He is a very good friend of Norms, and been an amazing help to him. He worked for a while with TJ and Holly and I am sure was a blessing to him. He was just an amazing person to work with.
I lived with him for a very short period of time this summer while I lived in Rio San Juan and I really enjoyed it. He was a great friend to hang out with but always but God in the middle of everything.
Osvaldo, you will be so missed around here. Come back and visit.
Dear God,
thank you so much for Osvaldo. Thank you for getting him safely to the United States, I know that is an answer to prayers that have been lifted up to you for a very long time. Keep your hand on him as he enters a new country and culture. Thank you for everything he did here and for all the help he has been to all of us. We will miss him but know trust that he is where he needs to be.

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