Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last week here in the Dominican Republic it was actually cold. We had a group here and they were prepared for very hot weather, as any group should be, with good reason. Well they got here and it was a cold ride back to camp and a cold three or four days. I do not know if they were as cold as I was but I know it was not what they expected.

In reality it was probably in the 60s or so, but for here, that is pretty cold. I am used to the hot weather and except for a couple of weeks in December I totally missed the winter in the United States. I also think they cold weather made me a little sick and that made me feel even more cold.

During those few days I asked most of the Dominicans I know if they had ever felt the weather here that cold and for the most part they had not. Jean Carlos, the boy that lives with me, said he had never felt anything like that and really did not like it at all.

It was kind of a nice change of pace around here to get some really cool weather during the day and cold nights, but to be honest, I am glad it is gone.

I guess to most of you, it would have not felt cold at all and you probably would have laughed at all of us who were freezing, but we do not get weather like that here.

Dear God,

thank you for that change of pace. It really was a nice few days. I liked being able to wrap up in a blanket and walk around in a hoodie.

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