Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tennessee Tech, Florida, Harding, Chattanooga

This past week we had an unbelievable group here. They were a mix of people from all over the place. Most of the were either students from Tennessee Tech or from the University of Florida. The others were the Reeses, my dad and sister, and Kyle Farmer.

The week started out for me with quit the surprise. We were in the airport waiting on the group to come thru when my cousin, Weston, shows up. I was very excited to see him, especially with his new look.

As it turns out, there was definitely a plan God had in mind when Weston got the opportunity to come here. He was a huge instrument in the lives of so many, I am sure, but especially in the life of a boy that used to live here in the Children’s Home, Antonio de Pena. Antonio is the brother of Jean Carlos, the boy who lives with me, and he came to us for a visit. While he was here, Weston was a huge part of being a major encouragement to him and being a mentor to him.

Weston left a huge impact on the heart of Antonio. He also left a small piece of his leg at the children’s home.

With this group we mixed over 40 bags of cement, did 3 Bible classes for children, painted three houses, visited the houses of many Dominicans but spent hours in the houses of 4 Dominican families, visited the sick in a hospital in Rio San Juan, visited the workers of a dump in Puerto Plata, went to the beach, and did so much more.

My prayer is that all of these people we came in contact with were touched in some way. I pray that they saw Jesus on the faces of every single group member. I know I did.

To the group: thank you so much for everything that you did. You were a huge encouragement to me and I know i can say the same for so many people.

To Jeff: what an amazing person you are. To lead this group like you did was unbelievable. We will very much miss you not being here in the summer but know you will be spectacular in Haiti. You are a huge encouragement to me.

To FeFe: do not ever change. Don't stop making people laugh and keep the joy of the Holy Spirit in your heart. Thank you for you leadership in this group. And thank you for always being there, even if you are a little late.

To Dad and Nikki: thank you just for coming. wow. I am so lucky to have a family that supports me like you do. Nikki, I am excited to see what summer has in store for us. I know it will be a blessing.

To Tommy and Jill: every time you guys come I never want you to leave. You are so encouraging, so fun to be around, but always have your eyes and heart on the things that matter the most. I love you very dearly and always look forward to your visits.

To Weston: what a surprise that you came. I think the staple of my week was our time with Antonio. I honestly believe he is a great kid, even though he is only 19 and been thru so much. You are in my prayers. Please keep him in yours. God planted you here this week for a reason and I one hundred percent believe it was for the counsel and prayer time and attentive ear that you have to Antonio.

I love you all.

Dear God, thank you for such awesome people. I am so lucky to always have the right people come at the right time. I end up saying that a lot that you always know exactly what I need and exactly when I need it and that absolutely applies to this group. They did so many great things and I was blessed to be a part of it. Protect them. I love you everyday.

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