Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When this last group was here from Freed Hardeman they did a Dominican style home makeover.

Norm has been taking care of the work projects for the groups and been doing an awesome job. Well, this past week we had two days of work projects, one full day and one half day. For the half day we went to Acapulco school and painted the outside. For the full work day Norm decided to transform my house.

Jean Carlos and I moved into our house in January when I got back from the United States. It was the old Juaquine house and has been inhabited by some other people since then, but it has not been well taken care of since Juaquine left. There was a room full of

wood from where the tin roof had been taken off, and old car had been parked in the car port, a car that does not work, it had been partially primed to be painted a while back but never got finished, and so on.

Anyways, Norm decided to do a transformation on it while this group was here. It looks awesome. They painted the outside, cleaned out all the wood from the old tin roof, and pushed the car all the way to camp so that it was out of the house.

To be honest, I was a little worried about what the group would think about working on my house. Not that it was my house but normally groups do work projects to help out the Dominicans. I had even told

Norm that I think we need to make sure that we work on something for the Dominicans also during the week. He heard me but being the huge support that he is to all of us he decided to take the half day and help me out.

He started out the day by saying what Beacon Lights Ministry used to be, an organization he worked with. Their full purpose was to support missionaries while they were on the field. It might sound weird but it is something we are all grateful for.

To Norm: thank you so much for your support and your desire to be that support for all of us.

To Sigma Rho: thank you for taking time in your week to help out someone like me. I know you came to encourage the Dominican people, and you did, but you also encouraged me. Thank you so much.

Dear God,

thank you so much for Norm and this group. I am not just thankful to Norm because he cleaned out my house, but because of the huge support that he has been to me in my short time here, and because of the strong desire he has to serve you and help others do the same. Thank you for everything this past group did, and for the encouragement they were to me.

I Love you everyday!

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